Working with Alberta Pharmacies to Provide Top Quality Compounding Services

At Alberta Compounding Centre we are committed to providing our province’s community pharmacies and their patients with pharmaceutical compounds of unequaled quality. Completed in 2015 our facility represents the future in compounding lab safety and product quality. We utilize the latest in compounding equipment technology for the preparation of each product.

Why should your pharmacy become an Alberta Compounding Centre partner?

Keep your Patients

Stop sending your patients to other pharmacies for compounding services. Partnering with Alberta Compounding Centre will allow you to offer custom compounds at YOUR store. We make the compounds, you charge the dispensing fee.

Keep Everyone Safe

ACC will make your compounds off-site in properly ventilated facilities, allowing you to provide the highest quality products for your patients while keeping your employees safe.

Improve Staff Efficiency

Don’t waste time working on compound formulas, with our state-of-the-art facilities and expert technicians our specialist compounding team has you covered.

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Alberta Compounding Centre offers the following Custom Compounding Products:

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Dental Compounds, Dermatology Compounds, Pain Management Compounds, Pediatric Compounds, Sports Medicine Compounds, and Veterinary Compounds. Please visit our Compounding Services page to find out more.

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Sports Med
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Pain Relief
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Becoming an Alberta Compounding Centre partner is simple:


1. Fax or email us a completed Compounding and Repackaging Agreement.  

Fax: 403-454-4472  Email:

2. Download a copy of our Compound Order Form from our forms section and fax or email your completed order. Voila! ~ Delivery of your compound is available and you will be invoiced monthly for purchases.

Download Compound Order Form